On/Off Shore

At RHS our work takes us from the green fields of the agricultural industry to the deep blue sea of the oil industry and every colour in between. We are very familiar with the hydraulic requirements and specifications of the on-shore and off-shore industries. 

  • All special Air, Chemical, Oil, Gas and Industrial Hoses supplied and Pressure Tested.
  • Hoses and hydraulic components for Life Support Vessels, Stand – By Ships and OilRigs.
  • Diving Hoses supplied and tested.
  • We can undertake a complete refurbishment or just replace a burst hose.
  • On –site service at the quayside.

Our hydraulics expertise is called upon by many organisations to repair and service machines such as pea viners, combines, car transporters, tankers, fork lifts, earth moving machinery, supply vessels and off-shore installations.